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He calls me Lauralai

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He calls me Lauralai



November 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

okay, here's the deal, since lately (read: the past few months) my posting on here has been sporadic at best - i'm just going to say i'm on hiatus or whatever until i can get the spare room cleaned out and get my computer from my parents so i don't have to wait for chris to finish playing his computer games so i can get 5 min on the computer before we have to fly out the door

so yeah, so you don't get your hopes up i'll be back..... sometime

and Happy Thanksgiving ^_~

October 7th, 2006

(no subject)

oh my gosh - i know i know - hate me if you want - haven't been keeping track of this.... again

but i have an excuse for the past week.... besides the fact that all i've been doing is working - the computer has been broken. we had to buy a new harddrive!


right now really isn't the best time for me to post because i just bought some pornstar/stripper shoes from work and i got an outfit together and i'm all sexified right now just waiting for chris to get home, so my mind is in.... other places ^_^

anyway.... ummmm..... later ^_^

September 20th, 2006

(no subject)

so.... sorry for my outburst the other day

thanks to everyone who commented


monday things came to a boil and.... we had a very long very intense talk

for the past two days things have been amazing

and now i'm sitting at home bored outta my mind because he's at golf class, and then has to go to work, and i have the night off

i keep putting off cleaning and doing anything of any relevence..... i haven't even showered yet.... i'm sure you wanted to know that

i can't wait until after the first of october when i pay my car insurance and i don't have to skrimp all my money anymore

yeah, i said skrimp... yeah, it's a word. though technically i usually use it as an alternative to shrimp. you know shrimp is really skrimp

anyway, but in this case i'm using it to indicate hoarding.... you know.... just thought i'd give you that little grammatical lesson there ^_^

yeah, i'm bored, i can't help it

i think i'm going to assume that chris is going to try to get a round of free golf in before he goes to work, so that leaves me time to get in the shower....... yeah.....

you do realize i'm just typing out the random thoughts that pop into my head..... right?

i really want to finish my book, but i also really need to clean..... ahhhh the dilemma ^_^

okay.... shower, for real this time


September 15th, 2006

(no subject)

searching for words
ignore me - i'm having a very very bad day
bad day, bad three days bad whatever

cut to spare you the misery

Read more...Collapse )

September 8th, 2006

(no subject)

so, i got a job at the best place ever


which shares a walkthru with Hippocratease

i am so bad ^_^

September 7th, 2006

(no subject)

omg! i did it again!

i'm so sorry about, you know, no updates, and no comments.

lets see - still hunting for a job. tomorrow there is a job fair for this bank that is hiring at all locations, so hopefully.

i have to go to the gyno today. blech. and no insurance, because fucking blue cross denied me. what the fuck!! i've been covered by them since the day i was born and they're gonna deny me!!! they can suck my ass! (i'm just a little bitter) so that's gonna be fun. hopefully the surgery i had in november will have cleaned everything up and nothing will be wrong anymore, because, i really just don't have the money to pay for it if there is something wrong.

so... on the topic of insurance, since blue cross is a bunch of *&$^#^*$(%)%*#& - assholes.... what other kind of insurance company do you recommend.

Also, i have the best boy ever, you know, just to let you know. He bought me clothes, which is always nice. And he bought me an awesome sapphire pendant from Zales, which you know, ROCKS. but the past week we've both been taking turns being sick it seems. he'll wake up one morning feeling really nasty, and i'll take care of him that day, and then the next day, i'll wake up feelin' really nasty.... anyway. the first day i woke up feelin' nasty within 5min he had a hot bath runnin' for me and was bringin' me some medicine. *sigh* yep.... i'm a lucky one ^_^

-end gush ^_~

i really hate having no money, and then having to go to the doctor with no insurance. omg.... i'm so beyond pissed about this situation.....

August 21st, 2006

(no subject)


so wednesday is my last day at Roosters.
i can't wait, i won't miss it a bit, they're all a bunch of morons

.... i'm not bitter at all.

i'm not in a good mood when i'm poor.

but *crosses fingers* i have a job interview tomorrow at an animal hospital as a receptionist. (thank god not for a tech position, no more having to hold crazy dogs and worrying about getting bit everyday)

if that doesn't go through i have a couple more spots to look at......

what i really need right now is to find a part for chris' car, because we're still sharing mine... like we've been doing since May.... and now that he's back in school and i'm trying to find a new job..... not fun. not fun at all. in fact, it is on my negative fun list.... the list i just made up for the express purpose of being able to say "negative fun"

i think i might be a little tired.

....and i need to get boy in bed, he has to be up at 6am tomorrow, and he hasn't done that in a few months, so that'll be fun.

blah..... i want to be lazy, but i'm the "mamma" of the house now so i gotta keep things straight. Rick, chris' dad, calls me Mamma all the time. it's odd.

okay... now i've bored you, AND myself, so... 'nite peeps

August 14th, 2006

(no subject)

also to make up for my absence

PICTURES!!!!!Collapse )

July 20th, 2006

(no subject)

oh my gosh - i'm getting really bad about this

i used to be an updating fiend, and now...

now i wake up, take a shower, tidy up around the house, go to work, come home, have some fun with chris, and then go to sleep

cut for extreme sapiness (is that how you spell sapiness?.... sappyness....)

just ignore my gushingCollapse )

okay, dammit, i need some more myspace friends, so like.... whore me out to all your other friends or something......

lookit the link: http://www.myspace.com/lauralais_hope - clicky and add me peoples!

yeah, i know my page is boring, but i'll make it all nice when i have time again.... whenever that is

lets see - how about some mundane stuff - went to see You, Me, and Dupree on Monday - chris spent a good bit of the movie mad at it, i can't blame him - probably going to see Clerks 2 sometime this weekend. hopefully tomorrow i will get my brakes fixed - they're nasty - and friday night chris has off, but i still have to work, which means i'll have to work with the shitty ass day manager who is a fucking moron. and see if i help her wipedown or anything, nope, i'm getting my shit done and gettin' outta there, and i'll have another girl there training her, so i'll get out quick

blah blah blah, i need some more icons.......

July 12th, 2006

(no subject)

dang.... i miss a couple days and you all decide to update like its the end of the world!!

i'm not even going to try to go back and comment, mostly because chris would get mad at me for being on the computer that long and not hanging out with him

and secondly because that really corny movie, Surf Ninjas is on, and you know i have to watch it. ^_^

Chris is going to spoil me, buying me a Tiffany's bracelet and a purse from Saks 5th ave, and a new necklace, and getting a new cell phone.....

i have to remember that he spoils me and thinks of us in terms of forever when he's being a dickhead.

so here's a question for you all, a poll in cheapo form if you will, since i don't have a paid account on this livejournal account yet....

For boys and girls - how much does your hair cut cost?

mine cost $40.
his cost $10.

he says i can go to some place and get mine cut for $12, and i said no thank you, i like my hair salon and the stylist i've been with for ages just fine - she does my hair perfect. i mean, he's still pitching a fit about it. boys *sigh*

blah - okay, must go watch the corny movie now ^_^
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